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A reading is a place to be yourself on every level. A reading is a place to reflect with a soulful  friend about your life’s journey. A reading is a time for being with one who can hold space for you to align with your highest path, highest choices, and answers to your questions. TO BEGIN CLICK HERE

Schedule your soulful check in. A place to relax into the now and see the soul in our body on its journey, and celebrate, align and prepare for next steps!

This is a reading that is designed to transform your state of being from one of questions, concerns, or indecision, about “things going on,” into Peace and Understanding.

It is the job of the Astrology Reading to support you in re-confirming your psychic spiritual immune system, clarity and intention, within the sphere of your life.  
This reading is here to reflect back to you a supportive mirror that allows you to see your own inner guidance more clearly, and to imagine a few different ways to solve or create small miracles for current issues.

Here are some sensations that clients describe  a feeling of deep peace”, understanding, the “clearing of the way,” inspiration, clarification, and relaxation in all worrisome areas.

We invoke miracle-consciousness, and understanding where needed, while grounding in practical details. All this, against the backdrop of your soul’s journey directive,  and your treasure map locations.


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