August 10, 2015 – Waning Moon, More Rainbow Light Coming In ~

MOON in Gemini SEXTILE JUPITER in Leo (at 4:45 am pdt/ 5:45 am mdt/ 6:45 am cdt/ 7:45 am edt) lion-617365_1280is a receptive “cheers,” as we receive Jupiter’s unusual form of luck-grace-light, in its last day in Leo, the Lion-Sun-Heart sign.

Tomorrow, Jupiter enters Virgo.  This last day of Jupiter in Leo is pouring a special kind of light in, preparing for the cleaning and grounding routine of the century!

JUPITER in Virgo–(tomorrow and beyond)–will be sweeping and detailing our lives in all the area’s where we’ve wanted more grounding, more healing, more details taken care of in better ways–they will all be filled with new ways of “taking care.”

Jupiter departing Leo, prepares to depart the inner child and creativity place to head into a space of organizing and healing our lives. Our deep luck and grace will move toward grounding.

africa-lionplay17344_1280For today–its the LAST DAY OF JUPITER IN LEO, so its a really good day to PLAY, to allow joy in, and to feel and receive the final doses of a special kind of Jupiter-soul-light, to light up our day today.

MOON enters Cancer (at 5:08 am pdt/ 6:08 am mdt/ 7:08 am cdt/ 8:08 pm edt) after a short 15 minute VOID between Gemini and Cancer.

This Moon in Cancer is coming to nurture us, at the end of the feminine cycles.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY this afternoon (3:10 pm pdt/ 4:10 pm mdt/ 5:10 pm cdt/ 6:10 pm edt) is a sweet soft nurturing communications field. We can speak to our cells, organs and body-being this day. We can ask it what it needs, and hear the answers with ease.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE (at 9:51 pm pdt/ 10:51 pm mdt/ 11:51 pm cdt/ 12:51 edt) little spirit to Big Spirit, little water to big water, little body to big body. We are in communion with something larger than ourselves. May we cherish and treasure these moments of “larger than selfness.”

May your “larger than selfy-ness,” and my “larger than selfy-ness” meet and make the garden seedling beds of the new world. May we receive the last Jupiter in Leo light as we attend for one last day to playing with our inner child and divine creativitrix.




June 24, 2015 – Healing Portal !

Today is the FIRST QUARTER SQUARE point–when we move from the dark waxing side of the lunar cycle, to the light waxing side–so the MOON is gaining in light and its the “celebratory, social party” time of the lunar cycle! Its the OUT time!

Meanwhile, CHIRON STATIONS this morning–creating a healing portal–shifting its direction from forward to retrograde for nearly five months. we’ll be digging deep for healing, into the past, for the next five months.

Crop Circle - July 26, 2011Crop Circle Portal ~ Prepare for Incoming Healing Energy

MARS enters Cancer at (6:33 am, PDT/ 7:33 pm MDT / 8:33 am CDT /  9:33 am EDT). Cancer is a kinder more nourishing place for MARS than Gemini. Our words and talking can become a little charged while MARS is in Gemini. Cancer activates the Sacred Mother within us–into action. Mama Power and Action!

MOON TRINE MERCURY at (9:08 pm PDT/ 10:08 pm MDT / 11:08 pm CDT / 12:08 pm EDT) is a softer voice than we’ve experienced in a while. MARS has left MERCURY’s sign, so our mind softens this evening, even in the rising moonlight, we can let go of our mind’s fiesty hold-on-to-nesses. Communication is fluid and helpful tonight.

May we set healing intentions for the next five months. What from the past needs to heal and mend? This is a good day to set Chiron-based healing intent for this 5 month journey of CHIRON RETROGRADING! 

Our ability to communicate is tied to our ability to heal the world around us. May we communicate our tender hearts today.

June 17, 2015 – NEW MOON rising

Robin's Eggs
Time to set intentions for the next cycle of creation!

We can birth whatever we choose–that is powerful.

MOON is also “in the cauldron of change today,” we are affected by the unconscious, by larger forces, and we are allied with them.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE this morning offers grace, between cosmos and self. We are seen, heard and recognized! May we “go with the flow,” of the support offered.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 6:42 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time/for reference)– is a cathartic challenge to meet. Money, Death, and deep personal intercommunication  is called for as we are “birthing” a new self, the kind of self that can host a “New Kinder World.”

May we be gentle and tender with “Holy New Beginnings.”

desert leading camel
~New partnerships and collaborations of all kinds await us~

July 1, 2012 – Magic Waxing Moon Sunday

Pre-dawn, MOON TRINED MERCURY, giving us a bit of personal magic or personal grace.

MOON in Sagittarius OPPOSES VENUS in Gemini, and we may need this grace, to unfurl our VENUS truths now that VENUS is in forward motion, moving our creative and love-life forward. Are we authentic and truthful or do we lie to ourselves and others sometimes?

MOON TRINES URANUS at 4:52 am, giving us a MAGIC WAND as if in our hands, as we rise this morning, into a day of magic, if we choose it.

MOON comes closest to EARTH at 11:10 am, pdt offering a “close-up” experience of our empowerment through a Waxing MOON, now waxing toward a FULL MOON on July 3rd.  Today and the days to come are fruition days, for manifesting our “next steps,” in whatever we are doing in our lives. This is full flowering time we are in–the better to create with!

May our creations show a newfound balance and reverence between Humans and the Earth.