January 20, 2021 – Revolution, Ascending beyond Division

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [12:29 am pst/ 1:29 am mst/ 2:29 am cst/ 3:29 am est/ 4:29 am est/ 9:29 am in Europe] as we awaken into inaugeration day, there is power work before us. There is a division in power, a divide which expresses as a struggle for beliefs, for political possession of the white house and our country, and where we each may focus our power amidst this great power struggle.

The SATURN/PLUTO/JUPITER dance of 2020 has not ended. This great dance of our expanding our sense of power and reforming our sense of authority, goes on. Today is an important piece of foot work on the dance floor.

MOON is in transition between Aries and Taurus. Our chosen leadership is manifesting into form or trans-forming from thoughts to earth.

MARS CONJUNCT URANUS [12:38 pm pst/ 1:38 pm mst/ 2:38 pm cst/ 3:38 pm est/ 9:38 pm in Europe] is a focal point of REVOLUTION, if we have seen one. These two planets together, action and an invisible catharsis, transformation or shocking discovery, are active today. There is awakening in the air and it is active and alive.

[1:01 pm pst/ 2:01 pm mst/ 3:01 pm cst/ 4:01 pm est/we  10:01 pm in Europe] reveals there is work today. In the growing cycle of power, in the division between what one side or energy may think or believe and what the other may express, we all face the work of living here together. In Sun in Aquarian ideals, we each have to face listening to individual unique lunar incarnations that do not fit our assumptions. The work of this square is the cracking of the seed shell. Cracking open the shells that have hidden us from each other, as we come into the new birth of this spring.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7 pm pst/ 8 pm mst/ 9 pm cst/ 10 pm est/ 4 am in Europe] is a step into the real world. A fresh sprout hits the air, a baby chick exits the warm egg. The next step may require work. There is work in growing and in discovery.

There is work in breaking out of our comfortable seed and heading toward our flower. 

January 18, 2021 – Exhale Dreams into Form

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [6:19 am pst/ 7:19 am mst/ 8:18 am cst/ 9:18 am est] is a super self-leadership moment. What is coming into form that we are shepherding today and onward into the solar growing year?

[12:45 pm pst/ 1:45 pm mst/ 2:45 pm cst/ 3:45 pm est/ 9:45 pm in Europe] is a time to receive from the invisible forces in the universe that fill our rivers and cups with water, bring the sunrise each day. These ‘natural forces’ also grow and mature us. We are like flowers growing. From within, growing, toward the light.

Self Leadership and Receiving from the large forces beyond the self, we grow ourselves and water ourselves like inner gardens preparing to grow in our community, in our work, in our expression, in our collaboration, in all our relations. 

January 17, 2021 – Spiritual Expansion, Deeper, Higher, Wider

Today is a day of spiritual expansion. MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [1:35 am pst/ 2:35 am mst/ 3:35 am cst/ 4:35 am est/ 10:35 am in Europe] invites us at the beginning of the day to “go with the flow,” as is always a good idea, but especially today.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [12:55 pm pst/ 1:55 pm mst/ 2:55 pm cst/ 3:55 est/ 9:55 pm in Europe] is another reminder of our personal power, especially in THIS lunar cycle. Power can be crass and rudimentary, or it can be refined and divine. How we focus this expression of “our power,” is our choice and there are varying levels of shadow power versus light power that we have the choice to engage when there is Pluto contact.

JUPITER SQUARE URANUS [2:49 pm pst/ 3:49 pm mst/ 4:49 pm cst/ 5:49 pm est/ 11:49 in Europe] could be so much expansion of consciousness that its WORK to integrate it! Breathing, dancing, moving and envisioning of our wildest dreams are appropriate in this good spiritual work aspect.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [7:44 pm pst/ 8:44 pm mst/ 9:44 pm cst/ 10:44 pm est/ 4:44 pm in Europe] sends the MOON into a VOID MOON period in transitioning between Moon in Pisces and Moon in Aries.

MOON enters Aries [11:07 pm pst/ 12:07 am mst/ 1:07 am cst/ 2:07 am mon morn est/ 8:07 am thurs morn in Europe] in a cycle of power, pre-spring, new solar year, we are called to self leadership for the new year. Secretly inside of Year, is Ear, listening is a good idea. What are we guided to lead, forge, begin or celebrate?

As we enter the powerful week ahead may we honor our inner fire. 

January 16, 2021 – Water Magic and Love Washing

MOON in Pisces today SEXTILES URANUS in Taurus. There is a beauty and music to this aspect. Some of “Water Magic,” when the Moon is in Pisces, is music. The music we play and the music we hear.

May we re-member the beauty and music of human presence.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS (Pisces to Capricorn) brings some feminine magic from the Saturnian physical world. Seeds, and Water and Sun magic is what truly runs the world. The real powers of our world are sun and water.

May we intermingle and sing or dance with the beauty of the greatest powers of our world, SUN and WATER. 


URANUS DIRECT as of the wee hours just after midnight pacific time. This direct motion in Taurus, brings us back to our process of revolutionizing everything physical into our world. We are in a New Era, and all the old structures and institutions will be falling. (we are watching that process). In their place, the whole material world will regenerate, and repopulate with higher frequency structures and institutions that more accurately mirror the energies now, after all the changes. Many of the structures of our world are from the past, from old energy and are extremely outdated. I see the process of them falling is a little messy.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [1:28 am pst/ 2:28 am mst/ 3:28 am cst/ 4:28 am est] is a day to listen. Who do we need to be communicating with? What do they have to say?

SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO [6:19 am pst/ 7:19 am mst/ 8:19 am cst/ 9:19 est] is a day of power. The Powerful cycle we are in–is lit up today. Where is our power? It is lit up today.

May we see it and respect it, and use it well!