Azlan White has been practicing Astrology for 30 years.  She made the decision to “become an Astrologer” at 17 so began intensive study in books at that time, followed by live teachings, conferences and in depth apprenticeships that she could find in existence at that time!

During her course of study, Azlan encountered true Star Beings, who taught her astrology after teaching her “another way of seeing her world.”  This way did not involve any sort of victim consciousness, but instead creator consciousness, that embodied our use of these planetary and mythic energies for our better and highest good as per our intuition, resonance and decisions in every moment.

In no way are we ever at effect, or victims of, the stars planetary energies. Instead they are more like the changing weather or a rotating palette of colors on our paint brush dipping spread.

As we learn to harness these energies more and more wisely, we become more tuned to the energy world so that we are never feeling like a victim of anything again, but can instead understand our place within the cycles and our ability to choose.

Ms. White has developed a Treasure Map that has a different way of seeing your star chart. I look forward to being together in the mystical dialogue of your life.