July 28, 2022 – New Moon in Leo ~ Crossing into Leo Season! & MARS CONJUNCT URANUS

SUN entered LEO on July 22nd. Now in the LEO season!

The New Moon in Leo takes place at 10:55 am pdt, Thursday, July 28th. [11:55 am mdt/ 12:55 pm cdt/ 1:55 pm edt/7:55 am on August 2nd, in Europe] Bless this wild freedom-seeking new cycle! We will each be freer and truer to ourselves after this cycle!

This New Moon comes laced with an alchemy of independence, freedom and being our authentic selves in the face of subtle (or not so subtle) compromises we made all along the way in our lives, in our past, which we are releasing, before now and through this MARS-URANUS influence we have this cycle. We will be asked to release the old ties, and admit to ourselves our hidden authenticity. We may have compromised our authentic desires and ways we wouldv’e been, or would’ve done, for our loved ones, for our work, for our society, and social comfort, we have compromised things that are authentic to us! This New Moon, not only carries the bright solar call for each of us to shine like children, for the one month a year, that the SUN is in LEO, we are also called by the Mars Uranus involvement, which adds a layer of freedom, release, breaking the old chains and coming free of the past. We are called to be ourselves, sing, dance and shine like we did when we were kids.

JUPITER STATIONARY RETROGRADE with the Leo New Moon : One of the things that makes this Leo New Moon and cycle so special is the JUPITER STATION on the new moon. This adds the extra energy of  Jupiter’s expansion, to the cycle. The energies of money and abundance are being reviewed. What kinds of treasures, or monies did we leave along side our path, so that as Jupiter Retrogrades we can reclaim these treasures from the past?

With the added MARS URANUS CONJUNCTION, exact on August 1st, there is pure life-force and pure electricity joining to be a force of authentic lit up zapp of electrical charge to each of us as battery. We will be charged, zapped, awakened, on August 1st and 2nd as MARS, connected to our personal will and the place from which we take action, and URANUS, the invisible forces in life that know the truth, and want us to be TRULY FREE–come together. We can’t lie to the invisible world. The MARS-URANUS CONJUNCTION asks us to be authentic! It asks us to release all that we compromised of ourselves, it asks us to come clean, at least with ourselves, on WHAT WE TRULY DESIRE.

This month of August invites us to Love what we Love and free ourselves from what is not of us. We are freeing ourselves! Hallelujah! Uranus with Mars in influence all month, with the Nodal pathway, asks us to let go of all that we did not come here to do, and to pay attention to what we did come here to do! It asks us to focus our actions on what we came here to do. Freeing ourselves of all else.

This lunar month will challenge anything inauthentic and free all the bad en-cage-ments we may each be releasing of various all different kinds.

The house where you have Taurus will give you insight into where you are freeing yourself in your life most. And where the shocking chain-breaking-changes and actions are needed and wanted.


Author’s Note: WOLF POWER
In the call to authenticity, 
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