June 3rd & 4th – Alchemy of Saturn and Mercury (Mercury DIRECT and Saturn RETROGRADE!)

Mercury goes stationary DIRECT late Thurs night/ early Friday am at [1:00 am pdt/ 2:00 am mdt/ 3:00 am cdt/ 4:00 am edt] at 26 degres of Taurus, the degree it retrograded all the way back to. This ends phase two, of the whole 9 week alchemy and begins phase three. UNWINDING from MERCURY RETROGRADE, which we will be in this phase until June 19th, when we will exit the whole MERCURY RETOGRADE ALCHEMY for this cycle, and can reflect upon “what was that whole magic?” 

Were our minds altered changed or revised in an area? Did we become more ourselves, more outspoken, or review our throat chakra? Did we question our own communications style and wonder if we might need an upgrade? This is communications, mercury retrograde MAGIC! Are we revising our whole business or plan? We are in sync then! And surfing the magic of MERCURY RETROGRADE!

Mercury first entered this 9 week MERCURY alchemy, on April 27th, when it crossed 26 degrees of Taurus. . . . going all the way to 4 degrees of Gemini, on May 10th, where it stationed to go RETROGRADE, it has been retrograde officially since May 10th. though the “shadow of Mercury Retrograde,” began on April 27th, through May 10th.

To add to the alchmey, SATURN is SLOWING DOWN, and we may feel this pressure of Saturn’s slow. It asks us to tighten, to allow saturn to push against us with a tightening for re-alignment. It goes STATIONARY RETROGRADE on Saturday June 4th at 2:47 pm pdt.

Saturn will be retrograde until October 29th. This retrograde initiates a deeper part of the summer season, as the world of work, and business, re-evaluates how systems are done, to upgrade, and redo what needs upgrading.

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