Week of Monday, May 23–Sunday, May 29th – Final week in Eclipse Transformation Month

This is the final week of the transformational month of May, framed by the lunar cycle of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Those two eclipses at the beginning and peak of the cycle, frame the transformation taking place.

Usually these shifts bring up all kinds of anxiety and insecurity as what we rely on, or trusted, or thought was solid, shakes and quakes.

This month has dissolved the way we were misusing our power, tested our ego-selves and is now unfolding the much needed death and destruction of the old. Whatever was not the highest, not the clearest, not meant to be, was inhibiting us, shadows, fears, blocks in relationships and power problems, were exploded, dug up, and frizzled and fried to the surface. The shadow erupts, things can look darker, and there is a need for vigilance and patience while we traverse the final week of the eclipse shift shake-up month!

JUPITER IN ARIES arrives like a pheonix in the ashes of the dying old world of powers. Jupiter in Aries is expanding our consciousness into new areas. New opportunities, new businesses, new ways of doing things are emerging even as the eclipse cycle wanes, and the energy of death looms nearby facing every inappropriate energy and flushing it away. As this sweeping away completes in this last week of May; we are elevating ourselves to a whole new level of productivity, and the way we do things in the world is change change a changing!

MERCURY RETROGRADING TRINE PLUTO RETROGRADING on Wednesday in the middle of the week is a day of recognizing the POWER OF THE WORD. Our mouth, thoughts, and words are one of the powers we have in this world. With Mercury Retrograde, there is a digging into the past in some way. Our mind patterns can upgrade–we could have a quantum leap in how we do things, by letting go of the old and allowing new ways in. Our mind is powerful this week. This power is here for us, as the final death and clearing of the old for the eclipse transformational cycle, unfolds to the bottom. Our words are here for us. Our communications is a powerful tool this week. May we use it to complete and to transform, honoring the new energies streaming in for us.

VENUS SEXTILES SATURN on Tuesday and SQUARE’s PLUTO on Thursday and our Creativity is another tool in the fires of transformation. Tuesday: There is creativity this week in our restructuring and allowing the death of the old. Thursday: We are allowing the death of the old holds on our heart. What has kept us from loving more, and from doing what we came here to do?

The week builds in energy, even as the moon wanes down to the dark quiet end of the lunar cycle, Mars and Jupiter come closer and closer all week until they CONJUNCT on SUNDAY! MARS CONJUNCTS JUPITER at 3:31 am pdt Sunday morning. This is an opportunity to take action on our biggest dreams. Its still the unfolding end of an eclipse month, so we still must be vigilant, however the ideas and brainstorms coming in now may be powerful and ready for us to take action on them in the new Cycle, that begins on May 31st. Abundance will follow the insights that come this week.

AUTHOR’s NOTE: Wooowee is it a time of change! So much changing I can hardly keep up! These times of online business require re-evaluation also of which systems, and which ways of holding space and sharing this Astrological Wisdom I have collected over 30 years. I have been fumbling around the online business world, to find the way that I can share with all of you.

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