Week of May 2 – May 8, 2022 – SUN-URANUS – Awakening and Freeing

This week we are traveling in eclipse energy. Today–Wednesday is the first day out of the tight right of eclipse influence, which encompasses especially “10 days before and 3 days after any eclipse.” So Wednesdaytoday is the one pop out day that is between 3 days after the solar eclipse and 10 days before the lunar eclipse, which we enter on Thursday! That means today–Wednesday–is the most stable day of this month. The rest of the month is volatile with tons of changes, little changes ongoing because of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, beliefs, thoughts, schedules, last minute changes, as well as the deep cathartic death/birth changes of the ecilpses. This Thursday, we start the upward energy travel, toward a peak of catharsis at the Full Moon Eclipse coming.

Saturday, April 30th was the NEW MOON partial SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus. We are examining and re-examining how we work with money and power in our lives. The energy is building each day, toward the FULL MOON ECILPSE in Scorpio on May 15th.

This cycle, SUN CONJUNCTS URANUS between Wednesday and Thursday. In the crossing between these days, there is a highlight of our awakening this year. The revolution, upgrade and consciousness expansion that we have this week and this year, is being lit up by the SUN, for full view.

What are we freeing ourselves from? What are we letting go of because it held us in places that are not truly free? What is real freedom for us? How do we release the strings, holds and attachments that held us to an old identity, old behaviors or old thoughts and beliefs?

We are in a revolution in thinking, and a potential for upgrading our beliefs.

In the Shadow of MERCURY RETROGRADE our mind is more fluid and flexible than usual and we have the ability to change beliefs more easily.

The aspects of this week, while highlighting total transformation, Death and Rebirth, also ask us to use our genius and creativity to weave an upgraded space of being. We are rising in frequency and it requires upgraded views, beliefs and creative responses to aim from the old world to the new world and our roll in it.

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