Apr 25, 2022- This Week: Dark to New Moon, Venus with Neptune, Pluto Stations to go Retrograde, Partial Eclipse Saturday, then Beltane!

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Here we go weekly: I’m trying different things here, to see what works. Time is just moving too fast for the daily blog, I discovered. After I tried to re-institute it, I found time moved to fast for me to get the dailies anymore! I’m testing this weekly blog out now–let me know what you think–especially if its helpful!
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Week of April 25-May 1st – Relationship cycle closing. Waning Dark to New Moon.
This is a waning moon week at the end of the lunar cycle that peaked with a FULL MOON in Libra. Now it wanes down to the dark. This cycle erupted the area of relationships, brought all the polarities and issues up into the light and wow can that be drama with people and relationships! Now it wanes down to a more quiet place of completing the learnings of the cycle. We are upgrading relationships as we complete our lessons of this lunar cycle.

There is a flow of venus energy in the week, as personal love merges with higher love and there is divine sprinkling over our relationship stories of the lunar cycle of F. M. Libra.  There is higher purpose in everything. This is a week to allow higher purpose to come into completions and shifts.

DARK MOON is Friday, April 29th, on the day PLUTO STATIONS to go RETROGRADE, while the MOON is SQUARING it, asking us to feel deeply the changes underway. The shadow may rise up, its release time, at the end of the cycle, letting go of the old, allowing things to transform, and releasing, releasing releasing. Anything that arises that is not chosen, or wanted: release, release Release.

NEW MOON in TAURUS beginning the next lunar cycle is Saturday April 30th. The NEW MOON takes place [at 1:28 pm pdt/ 2:28 pm mdt/ 3:28 pm cdt/ 4:28 pm edt] This New Moon is a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. exact time is just a little after New Moon, at [1:41 pm pdt]. Though its not a FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE, so not as potent or dangerous, it is still full of change and coming with a need for attention and vigilance.

It can be important to be more care-filled in our dealings during a week that comes before a Solar Eclipse, even when partial.

BELTANE on May 1st is just after the Solar Eclipse. In this way, the mythical Beltane of relationship rebirth could be eclipsed. The covid window of death may seep into another year, yet our power to transform, heal soulfully and connect via a divine network of knowing, is heightened.

The window of care is 10 days before and 3 days after, an eclipse [this partial eclipse on April 30th] handle with care and look to the divine plan.

This is a powerful week of completions, laced with the energy of divine transformation. Especially in the area of relationships.

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May this week be filled with the divine syncronicity of sacred completions and rebirths of new partnerships.

From March 31st Through May Eclipses : We are Transforming Our Relationships – by the Quality of the Heart

We continue on the journey of the real relationship season, unlike Valentines Day season, which is still emerging from winter, is a time of gently poking our heads back from our cave’s of winter, into the Aquarian community of the world as we enter the new year unfurling and young, still wet out of our winter eggshells, not as pretty as we are in May. The real “Valentines Day,” is around Beltane, May 1st. Prior to that, as we enter the Aries new Moon, this year on March 31st, 2022, we entered a trial of relationship. A releasing, a testing, a surfacing of our “relationship stories,” the ones we like, the ones we don’t and the one’s that we want and have never seen before.

These relationship stories have surfaced in the Full Moon light of Saturday morning on April 16th. This flowering peak of bright light may have been uncomfortable for some, resilient for others, enlightening, horrifying, or revealing as we each faced our own unique relationship karmas and stories, ties, binds, releases and soul’s calls for true heart-based authentic relationship.

With May 1st, the real “Valentines Day,” coming, its the real time of romance. After the death fires of the Aries/Libra axis, tossing out the old outdated relationship from last year, into the fires of the Aries Sun cycle. Burned in the preparation for a new beginning. May first, we begin anew with a fresh relationship fabric. Who will we choose? Will it be the same one for another year? Or will we find our way to a new more appropriate partner and so will they?  This is the season of the death and rebirth of relationship. In the Libran, 7th house venusian realm of affectionate relationship, we face endings and beginnings in relationship and the renewal of our ties, and releasing of old binds.

The NEW MOON in Taurus on April 30th, 2022, is a Partial Solar Eclipse. [1:41 pm pdt/ 2:41 pm mdt/ 3:41 pm cdt/ 4:41 pm edt] It provides more death of the old ways, and meanwhile a VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER and a VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO invite the real power of love to act in our lives.

This Beltane, May 1st. the day after the New Moon Solar Eclipse of transforming our earthly realm before us, under our feet and in our experience–arrives near this birth of new relationship with a deep respect for VENUS {VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO}, and a time for comittment that comes from a soul-level, not a surface level. Its not a job, its a life’s work, and when we are in a alignment in the shaking eclipse, our true value, our true desires, and our true life’s purpose emerge out of the chaos.

THE FULL MOON, on Lunar Beltane, May 15th, 2022, is a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio. [9:14 pm pdt/ 10:14 pm mdt/ 11:14 pm cdt/ 12:14 am late night edt]. This goes deep. It moves us, touches us deeply. The FULL MOON is tested, invited and shattering the bad foundations of the past through building new one’s as Buckminster Fuller suggested.

There is a sacred soul comittment to a life’s work, being called forth as destruction and shadow emerge to be cleared. This is a mythic time for all. What did you dream? What super-power did you claim?

May 20-May21, 2022, bring the SUN into Gemini and a SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY, brightening communications and thoughts to humor and joy, dancing and being together–from the depths of the shadow clearing, power adjusting eclipses fields.

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Author’s Note:
Time is just going to fast to do the daily blogs. I apologize for falling off the daily blog bandwagon! Instead, I will be writing about seasons. This is the season of relationship transformation. 

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