December 23, 2021 – SATURN SQUARE URANUS: the Revolution of 2022, Changing Every System

MOON is in Leo today carrying the sacred fire of the secret new year.

MOON OPPOSES JUPITER in Aquarius later in the evening, [10:39 pm pst/ 1:39 am late night est] bringing light to the opportunities we have with technology, for a transfer of wealth and expanded consciousness. Tech is hosting some gifts while Jupiter finishes its gifting journey through the New Era Sign.

Though January 1st is the tax year transition, Winter Solstice on December 21st, at zero capricorn, is the transition in the true elemental year, after which point we hit the “bottom,” of the solar year and start to rise in solar light, toward the peak at Summer Solstice. There is early new fresh energy for the year–incoming.

This is the second full day of the New Solar Year which will be the Water Tiger Year after Chinese New Year and 2022 tax year. The eclipse field covers the pre-holiday and holiday season so it is not uncommon for our holiday plans to get “eclipsed,” for one reason or another. Often things we “think,” we are “planning,” can fall away in the intensity and drama of eclipse changes. We are in eclipse [death/rebirth] energy through the next New Moon, initiating the new energy free of the eclipses, on January 2nd.

January 2nd is another moment of new energy and new cycle celebration this year because it is the first New Moon of 2022! The beginning of the First Lunar Cycle in 2022!!

Later tonight, is a landmark day in the New Year, right at the beginning of the New Solar year, defining the year with this SQUARE: SATURN SQUARE URANUS exact today at : [11:17 pm pst/ 12:17 pm mst/ 1:17 am cst/ 2:17 am est/ 8:17 Friday morning in Europe] this square defines the year with system’s changes, the revolutions and shocking conclusions as the old structures die and fall away, while they are replaced with new forms, new technologies and new ways of doing EVERYTHING! Its a consciousness upgrade, an upgrade of boundaries, focus, clarifying why we are here and turning away from all else.

AUTHOR’s NOTE:Ā  I have a gift for all of you this holiday season. I have experienced some magic and abundance in crypto-land and it has become a part of my spiritual journey, strangely. Because of this deep soulful relationship with the crypto world and its communities, I invite you to join me in the land of crypto: with a Free Course: SIGN UP and RECEIVE ACCESS HERE!

Since we crossed the turning of the year, another free gift in the free gift has been released. This is a secret gift! You will find out when you register for the Free Course! Out of this course is emerging a Wealth Generation Team (more free benefits) of people who work together to build wealth through doing thorough research of crypto-currencies and finding reasons why its good to invest in certain projects that may go up for us.

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