December 22, 2021 – First Day of the New Solar Year

Woooo Hoooooo! Today is the first day of the new Solar Year! This is a time to honor the life-force that feeds us, from here, the bottom, low point in our cyclical solar creative journey. From the low, early point, at the bottom of the cycle, with awareness, we birth this new year!

MOON TRINE MARS early this morning [2:24 am pst/ 5:24 am est] brings action and inspiration to lead ourselves toward the new world, the new era, and this new year we step one day in!

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [11:26 am pst/ 2:26 est] challenges us to discipline, time-manage, take small steps, forgive ourselves and others, and refine the systems that are falling apart.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:56 am pst/ 2:56 pm est] is a systems leap of faith, walk to the unknown, and honors the revolutionary point in the square between SATURN and URANUS. This larger outer square that describes our current change of systems, is exact on December 23rd. This is an important day to be vigilant, (we are still completing the eclipse lunar cycle until January 2nd) make the shifts called for, and walk with faith, into the new systems, creating, building, taking steps, and being with the community moving into the future.

We’ve entered the mystical doorway of the water tiger year!

May we celebrate with the red faeries, Red Tara, and the breathe of life-force in the new year!

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