December 21, 2021 – Happy Winter Solstice! End and Beginning, Crossing the New Solar Year!

Happy Winter Solstice!  TODAY IS the new Solar Year. 2022, (for tax and corporate purposes, begins Jan 1), however the rest of the universe, and all realms of creation that intersect in the physical world, celebrate the crossing of the years TODAY!

SO HAPPY NEW YEAR! from the faeries, elves, gnomes and many other realms of life. Elementals, water, earth, air and fire spirits are singing today, singing in the new year.

This Winter Solstice is happening in the eclipse field, still unwinding this lunar cycle from the New Moon Solar Eclipse, having just crossed the Full Moon the energy is waning. This next year, is still bringing us a collapsing empire, and the ending of the old world. There is volatility and potentially shocking events to come as part of this old world to new world transition we are currently in, in the larger multi-year cycles of our lives.

The exact Winter Solstice Point : [7:59 am pst/ 8:59 am mst/ 9:59 am cst/ 10:59 am est/ 4:59 pm in Europe] marking the SUN’s crossing of zero Capricorn.

Just before that, in the pre-dawn hours, MOON OPPOSED VENUS coming to CONJUNCT PLUTO, so MOON also OPPOSED PLUTO. The conjunction of VENUS to PLUTO for the second time recently will happen on Saturday at [4 am pst/ 7 am est]. This VENUS PLUTO is a powerful catharsis and redo on our deep hearts works and missions in the world.  These Powerful aspects with VENUS and PLUTO sent the MOON into the VOID for the rest of the day in transition between Cancer and Leo, while we transition at the same tine from the old solar year to the new solar year.

MOON enters Leo at [1:53 pm pst/ 2:53 pm mst/ 3:53 pm cst/ 4:53 am est/ 10:53 pm in Europe], leaving the VOID. Moon in Leo, after the VOID that holds the crossing of the year, is a big Leo Moon. Grrrrrrrrrrrowl in the New Year, New Energy, New Life force, and a New Quality of Year coming. Its a Water Tiger Year coming.

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