December 17, 2021 – Completing the Old World to Begin a New One

We are in a subtle rite of passage now in the waning solar year. Just steps away from the movement into a NEW SOLAR YEAR on the WINTER SOLSTICE coming.  These are the last few days of 2021.

MOON is TRINE SATURN today, amplifying the responsible gravity before us–as we walk the steps of this transition from era to era, from modus to modus, from old forms to new forms.

This is the only exact aspect today. The two planets in air: Gemini and Aquarius, activate our curiosity, chattiness, and social stamina! Aquarius will guide our relationships into new community endeavors, where we all go together, to a new world.

In the spirit of this transition and this holiday season:

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In the same spirit of change, the written memberships and anything written has been traded for live vocal recorded daily installments on Clubhouse. You can download the app here:
(this written blog will continue to be free and inconsistent).
Audio blogging is more consistent and you can find it on weekday mornings: CLubhouse sometimes crashes, so yesterday we couldn’t show up for morning tea due to tech glitches, however, most days, you can find us on clubhouse, in either The Astrology Club (the largest astrology club on clubhouse), or Invisible World Doorway club (my club on clubhouse). You can also find us in the Secrets of Self Healing club where we are there evenings at 7 pm mon-thurs, sharing live experiences of the new stem cell affordable therapy.

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