December 16, 2021 – Heart Revolution Full Moon Coming & Your Free Holiday Gift Crypto Course Inside

The MOON is between Taurus and Gemini today, entering Gemini from a morning VOID [at 12:43 pm pdt/ 1:43 pm mdt/ 2:43 pm cdt/ 3:43 pm edt/ 9:43 pm in Europe].

The aspects today touch the VENUS/PLUTO work that is in the energy field now in the rising full moon light. This VENUS/PLUTO dynamic is activating an awakening heart, a hungry heart, a powerful revolution in the heart. We rise toward a FULL MOON coming on Saturday at [8:35 pm pdt/ 9:35 pm mdt/ 10:35 pm cdt/ 11:35 pm edt/ 5:35 pm in Europe].

MOON is OPPOSITE MARS [5:56 pm pdt/ 6:56 pm mdt/ 7:56 pm cdt/ 8:56 pm edt/ 2:56 am on Fri morning in Europe] this fiery activation of our will, calls us into action like a Full Mars, before the Full Moon.

Tomorrow, MOON TRINE SATURN is a grounding energy for creating new foundations in the rising moon light of the cathartic change-oriented eclipse field we are in this holiday season.

May the rising light, lift you to your destiny-based expressions that feel alive in you, thriving with the starlight of your magnificence on the right destiny trail of your grace.

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