December 11, 2021 – Venus Conjunct Pluto – Revolution – Happy Holidays! Free Gift : Crypto Course!

Its the holiday season!
We are streaming toward the FULL MOON on December 18th, followed by a very powerful VENUS CHIRON alchemy on December 19th, in the bottom of the solar year. The solar creative energy is low. The Venus/Chiron alchemy with the Full Moon is a deep healing force of power and movement within us, ushering us into our deepest most soulful creative mission on earth, whatever that may be.

Today VENUS and PLUTO are together making it a POWER DAY.

JUPITER and MERCURY are also in contact, making it a great day for communicating with our holiday greetings. There’s abundance in the air!

MOON trines MARS and then goes VOID at [11:40 am pst/ 12:40 pm mst/ 1:40 pm cst/ 2:40 pm est] this VOID today is until [1:46 pm pst/ 2:46 pm mst/ 3:46 pm cst/ 4:46 pm est] when the MOON enters Aries. Woo Hoo, Fiery inspiration in the waxing moon.

This lunar cycle began with a Solar Eclipse, so the whole cycle is a little volatile and purifying of shadow material and releasing us from old patterns to make new ones. The end of the solar year also invites us to close the year and prepare for the new Solar Year ahead beginning December 21st. May the holiday season be lush with syncronicity as we move deeper into the aquarian era.

1-1 Readings in December –
After a long free-of-scheduling-COVID-break: We are scheduling 1-1 Readings in December. E-mail for a link. My assistant, Tess will schedule you. For all of you who wanted readings before and we couldn’t get the scheduling together, Tess is the solution now so she is making everything easier! Thank you to Tess!

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My new obsession is crypto-currency! I have been having SO MUCH fun, and it is my new Astrological Obsession, and part of why I haven’t been writing these blogs! So to bring you into the fun, that took me away from writing to you, daily, I’m giving away a FREE CRYPTO course, to connect y’all to the crypto world. There is FREE CRYPTO, when you sign up on exchanges through affiliate links, and you can “learn to earn,” free crypto on some exchanges. Just learning about certain crypto currencies in a slide show and answering a quiz, you can receive almost $30 in free crypto-currency.

The course will begin on December 17th and be an hour a day through December 23rd, skipping Winter Solstice and the weekend. There will be a PDF file for you–for the weekend. Check back here this weekend for Crypto Course registration. The course is FREE, Donations for the wolf pack will be appreciated. I believe crypto is the financial system of the age of Aquarius.