November 21, 2021 – Void Moon Sunday Between Eclipses

Dear All Readers:

On this Sunday, just after the VOID MOON has ended, and I’m about to do my weekly live room on Clubhouse, I’m realizing that the energy is shifting so fast in me and in my life that I cannot keep up with it! I thought I was keeping up with all the changes, documenting here and getting back into daily blogging, but with all that is happening, I just cannot commit to doing this free daily blog every day.

I would love to hear from any of you on your suggestions as to how I can serve all of you?

I have some things in the works, and those things also keep changing, so again–having a hard time keeping up with myself.

In this new new new energy, I will be offering, a new “Astrological Adventure,” for 3-6 people, this will replace the traditional 1-1 astrology reading which had gotten too stale for me, in a fast-paced, collective awareness raising time. In these new pod-journey experiences, we will utilize everyone’s birth chart to go on a soul journey together through the astrology of now and the soul journey of each one’s chart. The way things go, there will be syncronicities and our pods will have the opportunity to have a soul journey together at a time when a lot of us have been starved of group experiences due to covid’s weird rules.

Find me on Sunday Nights on Clubhouse in the Astrology Club. at around 9pm. Giving the weather for the week ahead!