September 14, 2021 – Earth Beauty

A lot happens before dawn today on both coasts. SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE has us surfing Big Waves. MOON SQUARE MARS is a corner of working with our right action. That sends the MOON into an early morning VOID–all before we come into the morning in America.

MOON enters Capricorn [4:34 am pdt/ 5:34 am mdt/ 6:34 am cdt/ 7:34 am edt] providing the responsible stable earth support, and a feet in the earth call.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [12:20 pm pdt/ 1:20 pm mdt/ 2:20 pm cdt/ 3:20 pm edt] is an aspect of beauty. There is earthly beauty. May we honor it within us and in the natural world around us.

Mars enters Libra [5:14 pm pdt/ 6:14 pm mdt/ 7:14 pm cdt/ 8:14 pm edt/ 1:14 am late night in Europe] Mars in Libra may have us working on Justice in our lives and doing excersize, hiking and expansion of territory for partnerships and friends. May we feel the activation of being with each other as Mars moves into a social air sign.

May the source be with you!

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