September 12, 2021 – Transitions and New Forms

In the changing of era’s like we are now, the energies translate slightly differently than they would if we were in the middle of an era (a larger energetic foundation for all of life). Since we are in the transition between era’s the SATURN URANUS SQUARE is all about changing systems. It is all about the way the “old world,” build upon a foundation of the old energies of patriarchy, hierarchy, and sequential order, based on clock time and calendar time–this very 3-D defined and incarnate way of doing things was appropriate to the old era.

Now having crossed into a new era, the energies at the foundation, underneath all of life, have shifted, and we are catching up with that shift. The way manifestation happens, and the foundational upholdment of structure is based on slightly different laws and rules in the energy world, due to the shift. During the times when the Moon transits a fixed sign, it makes an aspect to this SATURN URANUS SQUARE in the fixed signs of URANUS in Taurus and SATURN in Aquarius. The alchemy of this earth to air alchemical dialogue, is the odd, paradoxical quality. The way that our foundations can be found in an air sign, especially a diversified non-single-focused air sign, foundations in Aquarius are new, higher-mind-made-new-technologies that are more appropriate to these times, Shocking revelatory new technologies that have been here for a while but simply cannot be stopped when Saturn is in Aquarius pulling out all the mastery and genius in manmade technology.

MOON is in Sagittarius as of [1:34 am pdt/ 2:34 pm mdt/ 3:34 pm cdt/ 4:34 pm edt/ 9:34 pm in Europe] bringing expansive fire to the intensely focused power of Scorpio’s receptive wisdom.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:18 pm pdt/ 3:18 pm mdt/ 4:18 pm cdt/ 5:18 pm edt]  is a sweet link between our true desires and our ability to create the form that supports their unfolding.

When we feel the longings from our heart, gut, soul, . . . . how do we build the stage, walls, and infrastructure for that longing to be fulfilled?