September 6, 2021 – Audio Podcast – Weather for the week ahead

Note from author on new audio podcast:

Hello everyone:
Below is an audio podcast of the weather for the week ahead, that I offer on Sunday evenings on Clubhouse. I took a break for my birthday with an active month for tending wolf dogs. This Virgo season is a grounding season for returning to work.

The new business venture, “Invisible Doorway,” is having its website built now. The new membership site will host audio podcasts and other quantum support tools for business people.

This “weather for the week ahead,” is recorded on Sunday, September 5th, 9:30 pm mdt in the “Astrology Club.”

Sundays: [8 pm pdt/ 9 pm mdt/ 10 pm cdt/ 11 pm edt] . I am still learning how to record and so the audio will get better over time. For now, this is the audio podcast recorded from the clubhouse sunday room, for the energy weather of now and the week ahead, September 6 – September 12th.

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