Astrologer’s Birthday – New Business Launch

all friends, readers, allies:

I am coming back online from a Birthday Break from technology and working on things in the tech world.

There was a soft small launch of the new business: “Invisible Doorway,” [the current working title] with friends on Clubhouse on my Birthday, August 11th. The site “” is still under construction.

You can register to become a FOUNDING MEMBER until August 23rd, and receive discounts and special gifts (plus being a founding member forever), including a Free opening Reading as you enter the membership.

This membership is inspired by my interactions and group experiences on Clubhouse, my new favorite social media experience, and where many of my new era friends are now.

I invite you all to join me this upcoming SUNDAY, August 15th, [at 8 pm pst/ 9 pm mst/ 10 pm cst/ 11 pm est] for the weekly weather: live on Clubhouse in “The Astrology Club.”

Go to, to download the app, if you don’t already have it. (it is now available on all android devices and is past beta and you also don’t need an invitation as in the past).

To receive an invitation to be a founding member, send an e-mail to with “membership” in the subject. You’ll be sent the link to join as a founding member and sign up for your free reading.

Thank you all for being here on earth and contributing your part, at this incredible time of transition to a new Era!

Invitation to Business Launch!

Dear Friends,

We are reaching out to all of you, with an invitation to join us for a Business Opening Party on August 11th, for your new “INVISIBLE DOORWAY.”

The business is designed to support entrepreneurs with Azlan’s advanced energy monitoring and tending skills in the realm of Astrology and Edward’s royal space-holding and communications abilities.

Together we will be providing you with support in the energy world, through weekly astrological/psychic energy updates–oriented toward business people, answering your questions, and being available at a higher level of membership: to address immediate questions or problems, as well as providing in-depth 2-day-consultations twice a year to go over business calendars, staff, or any other advanced questions that involve multiple astrology charts, of different people, and or multiple time based, event-based charts, for planning and insight.

Our intention is to provide you with a doorway, to a lot of support for the Quantum energy world we are entering, that may impact all areas of life. We will assist you in being prepared as we move more deeply, as a collective, into the quantum space.

If you are receiving this e-mail, then you have been invited personally by Azlan or Edward to our pre-opening opportunity. You will automatically receive a free example of the weekly energy updates (coming in the next e-mail)–that you will be receiving as a part of the Invisible Doorway membership.

We will be offering discounts and gifts, for those of you, who wish to join before midnight on August 11th. details to come.


Azlan White and Edward Kim
your Invisible Doorway

Our coming website will be located at


August 2, 2021 – Waning Moon, New Invitation, New Audio Weather

Good News! and an invitation!

We announce: a new Astrology Membership! By joining your ‘Invisible Doorway,’ membership, you have an opportunity to join an intimate support group for entering more deeply the quantum world of energy. Receiving astrological updates monthly and weekly.

Please enjoy a new audio weather forecast!

Here is a sharing going over the energy for the month of August:

these audio podcasts are free until we open the membership, August 11th, the Grand Opening of your “Invisible Doorway.”

Next enjoy the weather (in detail) for the week ahead. Going over the days of the week.

I would love your feedback. If you enjoy the podcasts, let me know, in the comments. And if you were to join as a member, when would you most like to receive your weather for the week ahead? like this, Monday morning? (over the weekend?) mid week? or it doesn’t matter?


Author’s Note:
Hello!  Tuning in to share my path, and new orientation in sharing astrology. I have struggled to find business structure and form over the years. Mostly I have been a solo Astrologer, blogging sometimes. I am happy to announce a new business partnership! I intend for this partnership to elevate my ability to provide astrological insight for all of you in a way that serves you in your journey through these times. My new focus is on entrepreneurs, being available to problem-solve and add value to those who lead businesses and create the new infrastructure of the world we are moving into. I am honored and happy to offer myself in service to business people. More details to come. Stay tuned.