July 9, 2021 – New Moon Tonight! Death and Rebirth of Power Structures

Today is an interesting day in the larger year. It is the low energy very end of the 8 weeks of eclipses we are just completing. This has been a big purge. Psychologically, emotionally and physically, we are purging density. We are becoming “lighter beings,” as we release denser frequencies through the process of the last two months. (two lunar cycles). Both which had eclipses in them, defining the energy as death and rebirth oriented, purifying of shadow and resetting of life in general.  The angels join us in the release of the dark shadow energies of our past. 

NEW MOON takes place at [6:16 pm pdt/ 7:16 pm mdt/ 8:16 pm cdt/ 9:16 pm edt] tonight. This will be a special Friday Night! A blessed new beginning, quiet and low in the light, at the darkest point of the lunar cycle, the birth of new life, new energy, and a new cycle begins! 

This is a celebration to have traction, to be back in “normal time,” instead of “eclipse time,” though there is still NOTHING NORMAL about this time. This New Moon, though out of the eclipse field, is near to being OPPOSITE PLUTO. So once again we are addressing issues related to our POWER, and the RIGHT USE, or MISUSE of POWER.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO takes place on Saturday morning [at 9:10 am pdt/ 10:10 am mdt/ 11:10 am cdt/ 12:10 am edt] just after being new the night before, with a little space, we then, in the fresh new energy, confront, address and begin anew, to address Power Issues. This can be physical power like electricity, or issues of power and authority, or “who is in control of power resources?

MOON goes VOID at this time, in the opposition with PLUTO.  It is VOID all day, (an odd kind of energy, that is best to relax and renew, with a focus on REBIRTH, mending the net and body, in all ways, rather than doing anything forward oriented). The VOID ends on Saturday, in the evening [5:20 pm pdt/ 6:20 pm mdt/ 7:20 pm cdt/ 8:20 pm edt] when the MOON enters LEO.  This upcoming time, is highlighting the need for our creativity from within to rise up to meet the challenges of today.

  SUNDAY: MOON is in Leo OPPOSITE SATURN and SQUARE URANUS. This highlights our need to address changing systems, and perhaps to “be a part of that change.”

The upcoming FULL MOON is in Aquarius, where Saturn is currently. This Leo Aquarius Full Moon ahead, (in two weeks), calls us to address failing systems in creative ingenious ways.

Author’s Note: I have planned a SOUL SPA (experimental gathering of conscious individuals to share guidance and commune in energetic wisdom)–is scheduled for July 11th, however we will not do it unless we have 10 people, and I am releasing it very last minute, so I am not sure if we will get the word out enough to have 10 people. So we will see.  I will be gently passing the word. I’ll keep you posted here. To receive an invitation to Soul Spa, e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with Soul Spa in the subject.

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