July 6, 2021 – Last Quarter of 8 weeks of eclipse field. Venus and Saturn in Conversation

This week, through Friday night, is the last week of 8 weeks, of two eclipse lunar cycles. This was and is a very unstable time, where we are revealing, and purifying shadow and lower energy material. (from psyche, emotions, and all forms.). We have a few more days of this clearing energy as this last few days is the final EMPTY of this shadow purge, and clearing of lower vibrations.

Today, SATURN OPPOSES VENUS [7:36 pm pdt/ 8:36 pm mdt/ 9:36 pm cdt/ 10:36 pm edt]
for a full contact and exposure between the feminine and structure/form/discipline/boundaries and the gifts of Saturn.

The MOON is in supportive relationship with both Venus and Saturn, so we are able to “feel our way through,” this opposition, to the important work, and organizing, or completions, or communications that are honored by Saturn’s energy today.

MOON is in light-hearted Gemini through Wednesday night.

MOON enters Cancer Thursday morning [6:51 am pdt/ 7:51 am mdt/ 8:51 am cdt/ 9:51 am edt/ 2:51 pm in Europe] waning down to the very end of the 8 weeks of (two eclipse lunar cycles). The very end of our lower vibe purification cycles.

VENUS SQUARE URANUS on Thursday [12:25 pm pdt/ 1:25 pm mdt/ 2:25 pm cdt/ 3:25 pm edt/ 8:25 pm in Europe] is a piece of work between the sacred feminine and the invisible forces that shape the world behind the scenes. In the deep dark fertile pre-new moon, pre-new-cycle WOMB-TIME, this is a powerful aspect of higher magic, infusing itself into the DARK WOMB period before the NEW MOON on Friday night.

New Moon in Cancer is Friday night at [6:16 pm pdt/ 7:16 pm mdt/ 8:16 pm cdt/ 9:16 pm edt]. This last two cycles have been unstable and with little traction. This next cycle brings us into a place of traction. We are now able to move forward and experience more traction in all that we may choose to do. Blessings in the shifting from the dark waning empty of shadow purge, to the new life of new creation.

SOUL SPA: Though I thought to host a Soul Spa, during the eclipse purge, I have not been able to–as the energy has not supported it! So instead of going against that, I’ve gone with the flow and the Soul Spa will be just after the New Moon, on SUNDAY JULY 11th. Invitations will be sent out today to anyone who e-mailed about it in the last few weeks. Anyone interested in joining the Soul Spa, please e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with “Soul Spa” in the subject. If you already e-mailed you should receive an invitation today, by tonight.

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