Between Eclipses – Mercury Retrograde

MOON is in Aries today, between two eclipses. This is an extremely volatile time of DEEP CHANGE and CATHARTIC TRANSFORMATION!

These eclipses, with Mercury Retrograde, are really doing some deep clearing work on each one of us! We are releasing all that “is no longer useful,” in our lives, during this time, meanwhile the world is calling us to refocus our attention and to go back to give attention to some of our consciousness of the past, to reweave, rework and review.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a lighthearted circling of ideas, from the past, a rewiring of our thinking, and an opportunity for magic!

Today is a day with a grounding sextile with Saturn (MOON SEXTILE SATURN) and a harmonious masculine and feminine relationship, (SUN SEXTILE MOON).

Author’s Note: I have been on a covid, end-of-the-world retreat, and am returning to say hello, invite you all to a SOUL SPA this weekend on SUNDAY, and let you know I am still in my cocoon of change, and considering the rhythm of sharing here. If any of you have any thoughts on how you think I should share on Astrology on this site, please let me know.

Azlan, your ally at a crossroads.In the mean time–please join us for SOUL SPA on Sunday, June 6th. (THIS SUNDAY!) Have you been thinking you need a reading? Take a day to nurture your inner knowing and cleanse your field of confusion or doubt. It is an opportunity to hear about the Astrology of NOW, and receive two readings! One from me, and one from an energy worker and old time psychic reader named Alex who lives in Canada. Alex is very special and the two of us will host a live event on Zoom, inviting all of you to join us for a day of readings, Astrology and Energy work just for these times. Please e-mail for a registration link.

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