March 29, 2021 – Following Full Moon, More Catharsis, Flowing into the New

SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON [1:09 am pst/ 2:09 am mdt/ 3:09 am cdt/ 4:09 am edt/ 9:09 am in Europe] lights up the Chiron on our lives, and offers us an opportunity to see clearly our wounds and the responsive healing. We can see our role in the healing of others and we can see our way forward to heal all that ails us.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 pm edt/ 8:01 pm in Europe] is an expansive uplifting energy added to the FULL MOON peaking yesterday, there is a lot UP within us. The light is bright and energies are full and speaking out from within. This aspect provides grace, good luck and good moods, hooray!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [5:08 pm pdt/ 6:08 pm mdt/ 7:08 pm cdt/ 8:08 pm edt/ 2:08 pm in Europe] offers a corner of testing our power. How do we hold ourselves. Are we in our own power? Watch power dynamics today. Notice when you feel empowered and when disempowered. Notice the levers and circumstances around that.  This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID between Libra and Scorpio. 

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:24 pm pdt/ 9:24 pm mdt/ 10:24 pm cdt/ 11:24 pm edt/ 4:24 am  on Tues in Europe] brings the sacred element of water full into our psyche. May we let everything in our mind, go and flow and be replaced by fresh thoughts.

MOON enters Scorpio at [10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 pm cdt/ 1:33 pm edt/ 6:33 am on Tuesday in Europe] bringing a deep focus and power into everything we focus on. Those things that bring us our power, money and stability require our focus of attention, especially when the Moon is in Scorpio. May we fuel what fuels us.

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