March 25, 2021 – MOON VOID then Creative Power Feminine

MOON in Leo OPPOSITE JUPITER in Aquarius [6:27 am pdt/ 7:27 am mdt/ 8:27 am cdt/ 9:27 am edt/ 2:27 pm in Europe] sends the moon into the VOID between Leo and Virgo, for most of the day.  MOON is rising toward FULL MOON on Sunday, so its light is bright. Opposite Jupiter it opens opportunity.  We are called to our deep heart’s desires. What sacred other’s are we calling toward ourselves for the Full Moon of partners? 

MOON enters Virgo, leaving the pregnant VOID [at 8:25 pm pdt/ 9:25 pm mdt/ 10:25 pm cdt/ 11:25 pm edt/ 4:25 pm in Europe] for a time of details and focus. Improvement and healing, as we move into the FULL MOON of partnerships this weekend.

SUN CONJUNCT VENUS [11:58 pm pdt/ 12:58 am late night mdt/ 1:58 am late night cdt/ 2:58 am edt/ 7:58 am in Europe] is a power divine feminine light that shines through each of us into our lives with love, abundance and feminine force.

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