March 24, 2021 – Saturn’s Breakthrough

MOON is in fiery child-loving Leo.

MOON SQUARES URANUS [6:45 am pdt/ 7:45 am mdt/ 8:45 am cdt/ 9:45 am edt/ 2:45 pm in Europe] being the work of breakthrough from inner authenticity out to the world, out to the re-working of systems and structures. Out to affect those around us, with our most authentic self.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [10:38 am pdt/ 11:38 pm mdt/ 12:38 am late night cdt/ 1:38 am late night edt/ 6:38 am fri morn in Europe]
tests our ability to provide form to a fast changing inner landscape. Our creative living force within is bursting with life, and it wants to come into this world. How can we give this life form? 

[1:08 pm pdt/ 2:08 pm mdt/ 3:08 pm cdt/ 4:08 pm edt/ 9:08 pm in Europe] is an intimate spark of life.


We are springtime expanding into fields of flowers.