March 21, 2021 – Spring Uplift, Step Up, Waxing Moon shift to Bright side of lunar cycle

MOON SQUARE VENUS [5:04 am pdt/ 6:04 am mdt/ 7:04 am cdt/ 8:04 am edt/ 1:04 pm in Europe] is a creative growth and feminine growth edge.

MOON enters Cancer from Gemini [at 5:17 am pst/ 6:17 am mdt/ 7:17 am cdt/ 8:17 am edt/ 1:17 pm in Europe] and we move from a time for socializing to a time for mothering.

VENUS enters Aries [7:16 am pdt/ 8:16 am mdt/ 9:16 am cdt/ 10:16 am edt/ 3:16 pm in Europe] joining the sun in a feminine spring equinox emphasis! 

SUN SQUARE MOON [7:40 am pdt/ 8:40 am mdt/ 9:40 am cdt/ 10:40 am edt/ 3:40 pm in Europe] shifts us to the light side of the lunar cycle. The energy is now waxing, lunar and solar energy lift us up into a Libra FULL MOON in one week. This upcoming full moon is a time of finding new and re-establishing old partnerships and alliances.

MERCURY SEXTILE URANUS [4:35 pm pdt/ 5:35 pm mdt/ 6:35 pm cdt/ 7:35 pm edt/ 12:35 am sun morn in Europe] is a magic wand in hand. Prepare for the seemingly instant manifestations of bursting life-force in a bursting forward New Era!