March 20, 2021 – Happy Spring Equinox! May the source of growing bursting life be with you!

Life in its glory is with us today. Bursting, sprouting, ascending life force is rising up through the earth from the sun and into our whole beings! Happy Spring from all of life!  

SUN enters Aries [2:37 am pdt/ 3:37 am mdt/ 4:37 am cdt/ 5:37 am edt/ 10:37pm in Europe] defining today as Spring Equinox and visa versa. This is the seasonal zodiacal wheel of living elemental energies we are tracking daily here.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [11:14 am pdt/ 12:14 pm mdt/ 1:14 pm cdt/ 2:14 pm edt/ 7:14 pm in Europe] expands us with life, while the life is bubbling forward from everywhere! How are we giving and receiving this life force?

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [11:20 am pdt/ 12:20 pm mdt/ 1:20 pm cdt/ 2:20 pm edt/ 7:20 pm in Europe] Going with the flow might feel challenged with this square, however we can do the work involved in supporting and sustaining a peaceful flow of life, like a river.

With twists and turns, how do we flow?