March 19, 2021 – End of Week Communications Work

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [2:28 am pdt/ 3:28 am mdt/ 4:28 am cdt/ 5:28 am edt/ 11:28 in Europe] Gemini Moon squares a Mercury in Pisces. This is an ocean of possible connections, and the choice to choose our times and places to speak and when to be silent. communications work

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [11:25 am pdt/ 12:25 pm mdt/ 1:25 pm cdt/ 2:25 pm edt/ 7:25 am in Europe] action and enthusiasm

MOON TRINE SATURN [1:49 pm pdt/ 2:49 pm mdt/ 3:49 pm cdt/ 4:49 pm edt/9:49 pm in Europe] successful happy grounding