March 18, 2021 – Power Creativity

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [9:24 am pdt/ 10:24 am mdt/ 11:24 am cdt/ 12:24 pm edt/ 5:24 pm in Europe] is a sensual creative juicy aspect. It supports us from the ground up in our creative work, with a Taurus Moon touching us to the earth and a sweet Venus in Pisces, bringing in so much new life that we can hardly contain the overflowing life force coming in. How do we overflow this incoming juice, to others today? 

MOON TRINE PLUTO [9:30 am pdt/ 10:30 am mdt/ 11:30 am cdt/ 12:30 pm in Eruope] brings power to the table. How do we express or receive this power? Is it money? is it soul? God? Sex? Healing? Resurrection? What is the power that we focus today? There is power in our hands. 

VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO [10:20 am pdt/ 11:20 am mdt/ 12:20 pm cdt/ 1:20 pm edt] is the aspect that makes this POWER CREATIVITY today. For entrepreneurs, this is a success-oriented birth aspect for the chart of a product launch or business start-up. So this is a good morning to do anything for our business or creative endeavor. We might even want to focus the morning on what matters most to us. 

SUN SEXTILE MOON [1:40 pm pdt/ 2:40 pm mdt/ 3:40 pm cdt/ 4:40 pm edt/ 9:40 pm in Europe] is a harmonious aspect between masculine and feminine. May we remember that life is as magical or more than a dance of life.

This aspect sends the moon into the VOID second half of the day,
making this part of the day a little slippery after 1:40 pm pdt.

MOON enters Gemini [4:47 pm pdt/ 5:47 pm mdt/ 6:47 pm cdt/ 7:47 pm edt/ 12:47 am in Europe] the queen of networking and talk. Wooo wooo this could be a wild talking weekend ahead.