March 16, 2021 – Hands in the Dirt

MOON enters Taurus [3:56 am pdt/ 4:56 am mdt/ 5:56 am cdt/ 6:56 am edt/ 11:56 am in Europe] in the opening first week of this spring lunar cycle, bringing our attention from our head to our senses. Touch, taste, smell, and hearing the beautiful sounds of nature and music.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [5:31 am pdt/ 6:31 am mdt/ 7:31 am cdt/ 8:31 am edt/ 2:31 pm in Europe] in Taurus in an opening cycle in a transitional year between epochs–this is an important time to feel our way into new partnerships. With the moon in Taurus, we feeeeeeeeeeeeel our way into partnerships. We have other senses, beyond the ones we normally think of. This feel into partnerships is not limited to love relationships, but in all areas of of life: in business, in health, friendship and spiritual practice.

SUN SEXTILE PLUTO [11:26 am pdt/ 12:26 pm mdt/ 1:26 pm cdt/ 2:26 pm edt/ 7:26 pm in Europe] brings in the power of life herself. Whatever we have planted, is fueled today. Our power is magnified, may we focus it well.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [8:37 pm pdt/ 9:37 pm mdt/ 10:37 pm cdt/ 11:37 pm edt/ 4:37 am in Europe] can be instant manifestation. At this early building time in the cycle, with the power of the SUN SEXTILE PLUTO shining extra aplitude to our electrical system. We can manifest instantly, our seeds, our wishes, dreams and intentions set, can manifest rapidly.