March 15, 2021 – Opportunities Abound, Choose Wisely, the work is: Focus

MOON is still in Aries of New Beginnings in a New Beginning phase of the lunar cycle.    For entrepreneurs,  this is a fertile field for new partnerships, new ventures, and new project launches, up to and a little past the full moon  on  March  28th.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [7:40 am pdt/ 8:40 am mdt/ 9:40 am cdt/ 10:40 am edt/ 3:40 pm in Europe] can open opportunities in the waxing opening lunar energy.

MERCURY enters Pisces
[3:26 pm pdt/ 4:26 pm mdt/ 5:26 pm cdt/ 6:26 pm edt/ 11:26 am in Europe] Jupiter’s water-sign. Pisces is the water side of our expansive Jupiterian light. With Mercury entering Pisces, Divine Insigated Imagination is amplified. What are the riverbanks and coastal shores that hold the waters of our creativity? 

 MOON SQUARE PLUTO [8:40 pm pdt/ 9:40 pm mdt/ 10:40 pm cdt/ 11:40 pm edt] asks us to focus under the pressure of an ocean of distractions before us.      Aries to Capricorn invites us to make choices that foster the health of our gardens this year.

This aspect sends the Moon into the VOID between Aries and Taurus. The Void ends at 3:56 am pdt, Tuesday morning.

We have little baby seeds planted in our gardens , around the Winter Solstice, and they all need different nourishment to grow.