March 14, 2021 – New Beginnings

MOON in Aries of New Beginnings, is in an opening phase of new beginnings, up to the Spring Equinox, a time of seedlings turning to sprouts and announcing that “It is Spring!”

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME shifts into play today: 2 am pst. 

This just past a river of creative flow-activation with VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE yesterday on the NEW MOON in Pisces.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [4:28 am pdt/ 5:28 am mdt/ 6:28 am cdt/ 7:28 am edt/ 1:28 pm in Europe] activates action, drops active clues, and blows horns of motivation forward in the direction we will feel from within, motivated to go.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [11:58 am pdt/ 12:58 pm mdt/ 1:58 cst/ 2:58 pm edt/ 8:58 pm in Europe] offers new steps, new rungs on our ladder. We are given structure, form and our next steps as this spring cycle of new beginnings opens and provides the material stuff we create our businesses and the form we will be and make in this cycle.

A day of receiving gifts from within. We gift ourselves with the actions we take and the form and structure we provide for our own journey.
. . . . .
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