March 13, 2021 – HAPPY NEW MOON! New Lunar Cycle Begins today

NEW MOON (SUN CONJUNCT MOON) [2:21 am pst/ 3:21 am mst/ 4:21 am cst/ 5:21 am est/ 11:21 am in Europe] in Pisces is a new Spring cycle. This is an important cycle of uplifting energy for seedling projects.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [8:38 am pst/ 9:38 am mst/ 10:38 am cst/ 11:38 am est/ 5:38 pm in Europe] adds extra power to this new cycle. It fuels the cycle with roots, business sense, and the ability to focus our energy to achieve results we would like at the upcoming Full Moon in two weeks.

MOON goes VOID from 8:38 am pst until entering Aries. While the Moon is VOID its an “in between” sort of time.

MOON enters Aries [3:44 pm pst/ 4:44 pm mst/ 5:44 pm cst/ 6:44 pm est/ 12:44 am Sun morn in Europe] adding the spring fire to seeds to spark toward the sun, open, receive nourishment and forge ahead toward success and light.

VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:07 pm pst/ 9:07 pm mst/ 10:07 pm cst/ 11:07 pm est/ 5:07 am sun morn in Europe] resets the VENUS NEPTUNE cycle. This is a cycle of receptive flowing feminine energy and invites us to turn toward our intuition, our receptive nature, and our ability to hear our creator and follow the divine guidance we may be receiving.

This is a powerful cycle to manifest divine impetus. Manifestation peak in two weeks.