March 11, 2021 – Water work, Water Magic

MOON enters Pisces [6:44 am pst/ 7:44 am mst/ 8:44 am cst/ 9:44 am est/3:44 pm in Europe] bringing us into the world of water at the end of the lunar cycle.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:16 pm pst/ 4:16 pm mst/ 5:16 pm cst/ 6:16 pm est/12:16 am fri morn in Europe] offers us a corner of work with moonly things. The waning moon is time for letting go, relaxing and allowing the natural energies of life to carry us, as the Moon wanes down low energy, down toward DARK MOON and then NEW MOON in the next cycle.  What starts to irritate us today? This is the work. 

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [9:50 pm pst/ 10:50 pm mst/ 11:50 pm cst/ 12:50 am est/ 6:50 pm in Europe] gives us a magic wand that releases us from our past. What has held us back? Where have we not felt free? Time to let go of limitations, as we head into the wild free spring energy.