March 9, 2021 – Active Meditation, Boundaries for Spring

MOON TRINE MARS in Air, [5:23 am pst/ 6:23 am mst/ 7:23 am cst/ 8:23 am est/ 2:23 pm in Europe] brings action in communications and relationships. There is a lot to do in the realm of computers, writing and this ether of data that we move around, back and forth.  Moon wanes down and we can work to complete our communications and computer projects.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:06 pm pst/ 3:06 pm mst/ 4:06 pm cst/ 5:06 pm est/ 11:06 pm in Europe] may call us to action through shock, or some unexpected information. Harnessing disruptions to our emotional body is part of our work as a human being at this time. We often take in information that is more disturbing to us than anything right before us. If/when this occurs, it is important to remember it is only information and what is more real, is our body. The body under our hands. What our hands would say about our body, and what our eyes might say about where we are on earth, whatever living things are nearby—trees, animals, birds, these are real. Information may or may not be real or applicable. Managing information is our new meditation challenge. 

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [4:45 pm pst/ 5:45 pm mst/ 6:45 pm cst/ 7:45 pm est/ 1:45 am wed morn in Europe] – invites proper use of limitation as solution. Boundaries, and time-blocking are good uses of Saturn energy. How can we boundary our use of the information world? What boundaries do we need now that we didn’t need before? How can we enforce our world of information with the correct boundaries?