March 8, 2021 – Happy Women’s Day! Waning Moon to Powerful Creative Birth at Next New Moon

This WHOLE WEEK is a powerful end of a lunar cycle. As the Virgo/Pisces lunar cycle of pre-spring winds down, we continue to be called to improvements and upgrades, as we let go of what isn’t working in our lives.

Since this is the waning last quarter–this week ahead–it is an overall energy of “relaxing, letting go, and rest,” as the over-arching self-care theme of this phase of the cycle. If uncomfortable doubts, fears or questions about the unknown arise, may we soften our minds and worries into resting this week, as we focus on the creative energy that abounds, in full vibrance, and the Divine Feminine cycle coming soon.

This is a preparation week, toward the next NEW MOON
: a powerful CREATIVE BIRTH energy with VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE on New Moon day. Venus approaches this New Moon all week, stepping closer each day, toward the point of birth and a type of energy that could be resurrection or new creative life.

The Divine Feminine is in charge of the next lunar cycle. VENUS (little she) and NEPTUNE (big she) connect for a communion of birth, and renewal, at the next New Moon on Saturday March 13th at [2:21 am pst/ 3:21 am mst/ 4:21 am cst/ 5:21 am est/11:21 am in Europe]

Today: Moon is still in Capricorn, Sextiling the Sun in Pisces. Elvis was a sun in Capricorn with a Pisces Moon so I always think of this combination as musical. As the lunar cycle winds down this week, today gives us the ability to contact the larger invisible energies at play in our lives for a meaningful connection. 

SUN SEXTILE MOON [2:15 am pst/ 3:15 am mst/ 4:15 am cst/ 5:15 am est/ 11:15 am in Europe] is a sweet aspect for a day of Divine Contact. Masculine and Feminine make the world go round, recreate the creation that is God-given, and continue to create the beauty of life before us, in different ways. We are eternally drawn toward each other, and in workmanship with each other—masculine and feminine.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [4:52 pm pst/ 5:52 pm mst/ 6:52 pm cst/ 7:52 pm est/ 1:52 am tues morn in Europe] in Capricorn. Pluto is the mover and shaker of our Power, so this deep intimacy is with our own power. Is our most powerful power Divine Power? Divine Power is possible with this conjunction. This aspect sends the Moon into the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius.

MOON enters Aquarius
[11:41 pm pst/ 12:41 am late night mst/ 1:41 am cst/ 2:41 am est/ 8:41 am tues morning in Europe] for our monthly Uranian few days. With Uranus in Taurus this year and for the next many years, we will be totally revolutionizing the way we address and live upon the earth. We have only just begun to change systems. This is the sign and area of our future systems.