March 7, 2021 – Grounding with Ascended Consciousness in Form

MOON in wise containing, platforming, structure-building Capricorn, with your curved horns, you know how to harness life force.

MOON TRINE URANUS [8:09 am pst/ 9:09 am mst/ 10:09 am cst/ 11:09 am est/5:09 pm in Europe] Remind me that I am energy. Remind me that though I am form, and I work in 3-D, that I am divine, As a Divine Being, I can create miracles that are not limited to the laws of form. Form is where I reside, not where I am restricted.  Uranus, remind me that I am a vessel to the divine. How will I Divinify my life today?

[5:29 pm pst/ 6:29 pm mst/ 7:29 pm cst/ 8:29 pm est/ 2:29 pm in Europe] brings life as art in the day.

How is our life art this year? And what is the art of the year? How are we cultivating our inner artist? Can we set the inner artist more free today?