March 6, 2021 – Work on Water

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [1:44 am pst/ 2:44 am mst/ 3:44 am cst/ 4:44 am est/10:44 pm in Europe] is the main aspect today, which calls us to address challenges in our waters of life. This aspect also sends the MOON into a VOID between Aquarius and Capricorn. These two signs–are both ruled by Saturn. One of the past and one of the future. How will we contain all the waters of life this year? Our emotions, our money, our chaos and our spiritual energy.  What practices, structures, systems, and commitments do we want to call forward or renew? What systems and habits are we letting go of?

MOON enters Capricorn, [6:20 pm pst/ 7:20 pm mst/ 8:20 am cst/ 9:20 pm est/ 3:20 am Sunday in Europe] the earth sign with its foot in the water, able to contain water, and organize chaos. As we meditate and work with our waters of life today, we are given the antidote to all of the needs we may discover, with the skills of Capricorn, Saturn, and the one with a firm grip on the grounds we traverse here and now. May we call forth our systems and structure genius as we enter Sacred Sunday.