March 4, 2021 – Expanded Everything – March Forth! Go Forward into Spring!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [8:09 am pst/ 9:09 am mst/ 10:09 am cst/ 11:09 am est/ 5:09 pm in Europe] reminds us we are all powerful in our own lives. What are we creating? This power aspect sends the MOON into the VOID until it enters Sag.

MOON enters Sagittarius [2:43 pm pst/ 3:43 pm mst/ 4:43 pm cst/5:43 pm est/ 11:43 am fri morn in Europe] fiery inspired and far-reaching.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [3:32 pm pst/ 4:32 pm mst/ 5:32 pm cst/ 6:32 pm est/ 12:32 am Fri morn in Europe] is an activation of fiery action! Take action where needed and wanted!

MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER [7:27 pm pst/8:27 pm mst/ 9:27 am cst/ 10:27 am est] is a communications expansion. There is magic and abundance in our words today.

May we value our time, energy and communications as they are valuable, especially today.

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