March 3, 2021 – Spontaneous Art, the Magic of Life

MOON in Scorpio TRINE VENUS is a watery place of depth and soulful divine feminine.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [1:21 am pst/ 2:21 am mst/ 3:21 am cst/ 4:21 am est/ 10:21 am in Europe] activates us to the invisible world. Everything we see in the physical world began as an energy. Everything happens in the invisible world first. What stirs us from the inner, or invisible world.

[3:05 am pst/ 4:05 am mst/ 5:05 am cst/ 6:05 am est/ 12:05 pm in Europe] gives us work to overcome the limitations in the 3-D through our relationship with the invisible power of life. The force of life works its way to reform systems and structures. We are doing the work of this system’s re-organization going on now.

VENUS SEXTILE URANUS [9:09 am pst/ 10:09 am mst/ 11:09 am cst/ 12:09 pm est/ 6:09 pm in Europe] is a feminine link with the invisible spiritual realm. like springs that bubble up from the earth, our life has wellsprings of life-force that bubble out the goodness of life. Life as a source of joy, as a source of emancipation, freeing from old beliefs, old limitations, and old depressions. . . . this sparkling spring-light of an aspect brings the magic of life.

[10:52 am pst/ 11:52 am mst/ 12:52 pm cst/ 1:52 pm est/ 7:52 pm in Europe] is a harmony between masculine and feminine. This is a point of connection for the magnetic opposites that move the world. The masculine and feminine forces of life, ally to make sacred collaboration for a rising solar cycle.

[4:01 pm pst/ 5:01 pm mst/ 6:01 pm cst/ 7:01 pm est/ 1:01 am thurs morn in Europe] is a piece of communications work. May we do the writing work, the communications work at our fingertips.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [5:21 pm pst/ 6:21 pm mst/ 7:21 pm cst/ 8:21 pm est/ 2:21 am thurs morn in Europe] provides great expansion, revelation, and juicy insight when we do the communications work before us.

MARS enters Gemini today–forging more communications work, time to take action! plan launches! Do your online business! Write the book!

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:30 pm pst/ 11:30 pm mst/ 12:30 am cst/ 1:30 am late night est/ 7:30 am thurs morn in Europe] offers a late light spiral of the love of life. We can revel in life. There is so much good life-force today, we can end the day, reveling, swimming in the love of our lives.