February 28, 2021 – Earth Medicine

MOON TRINE PLUTO [4:42 am pst/ 5:42 am mst/ 6:42 am cst/ 7:42 am est/ 1:42 pm in Europe] early this morning, sets a powerful day in motion where we are touching into our authentic power. This power happens through our ears, eyes, intention and clarity. We are powerful beings, and if we have forgotten that, its a day to remember the power we have to make or change our world.

MOON TRINE MARS [7:58 am pst/ 8:58 am mst/ 9:58 am cst/ 10:58 am est/ 4:58 pm in Europe] gives us energy and motivational fire. This is more power to take our lives into our hands and hearts and move them into more fulfilling experiences of life.

MOON goes VOID in the early morning after the power trines.

Moon enters Libra [11:17 am pst 12:17 pm mst/ 1:17 pm cst/ 2:17 pm est/ 8:17 pm in Europe] on this last day of February, we head toward spring and relationships make the world go round. May we honor the friendly relationships we have in our lives of all kinds that make the world go round. May we honor our power to change the world before us, with our intention and our relationships. 

February 27, 2021 – FULL MOON in Virgo – Details and Miracles

SUN in Pisces OPPOSITE MOON in Virgo
 [12:17 am pst/ 1:17 am mst/ 2:17 am cst/ 3:17 am est/ 9:17 am in Europe] Invites us to see the fruition of our dreams before us and asks us to cultivate our personal garden of dreams. This cultivation, care, and ability to grow things, heal things, and perfect the path we are on, so that when we flower in the summer solstice peak, we flowered in the correct direction. This is the Full Moon of correction, its a course-correction Full Moon. What needs adjusting? May we celebrate the way we path our way toward our dreams, and may we take pen, phone, and mind in hand, and apply ourselves to improving our path.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [7:06 pm pst/ 8:06 pm mst/ 9:06 pm cst/ 10:06 pm est/ 4:06 am Sunday in Europe] is a big emphasis on Pisces energy, where the Sun now travels, and the pivot point of this FULL MOON in Virgo. Neptune is her opposite. In Neptune’s grace, we envision and it is born, no details, no pen, no mind, it is pure dream, heart, miracle. This is the opposite way from Virgo’s way, of taking care of every detail. At a Full Moon in Virgo, its good to honor the details of Virgo and the dreamy miracles of Neptune’s divine flow. Balancing these two is the work of this full moon.

With Neptune and Venus nearby, this Full Moon cycle is overseen by the Divine and human feminine. It is a cycle to look to feminine wisdom for solutions and upgrades.


February 26, 2021 – Full Moon in Virgo late tonight – Making it all Better!

This coming full moon in Virgo is the FULL MOON of IMPROVEMENT
! This cycle is about “making it all better.” As we head into the week ahead, we are surfing up to the peak of the Virgo/Pisces axis and dynamic. The biggest question Virgo asks us is can you bring order to the chaos? . . . with a command, don’t just talk about it, do it! Virgo is annoyed with the other members of her mutable cross, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, who thrive in chaos, and mind-changing, flexible clutter. Virgo wants you all to clean up your act! Upgrade, Create order, be consistent, learn how to be practical and plan for success by taking care of every detail without missing one.

How do you improve the situation at hand? Asks Virgo at this Full Moon. How do you fix it? What makes almost good enough, into perfection? This is a cycle of repairs and upgrades. As the cold separating energies melt off, “the dark winter,” we melt all the messy mistakes down into their shiny lessons. This is a time of accepting responsibility to “make the situation better,” for all involved before us.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:32 am pst/ 4:32 am mst/ 5:32 am cst/ 6:32 am est/ 7:32 am cst/ 8:32 am est/ 12:32 pm in Europe] activates action and attitude from the morning, in the rising lunar light, its a day to “get shit done!”

MOON enters Virgo [9:07 am pst/ 10:07 am mst/ 11:07 am cst/ 12:07 pm est/ 8:07 pm in Europe] Giving traction to our action, from the morning void Moon period.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [11:50 am pst/ 12:50 pm mst/ 1:50 pm cst/ 2:50 pm est/ 8:50 pm in Europe] is a full Venus. Full feminine! Full manifestation of our truest desires at play today. This full moon tonight is all about the details of our dreams. The railway tracks, by which the dream train will follow.

MOON TRINE URANUS [9:54 pm pst/ 10:54 pm mst/ 11:54 pm cst/ 12:54 am late nighte est/ 6:54 am Sat morn in Europe] brings earthy magic.

FULL MOON takes place late tonight late/ early Saturday morning [12:17 am pst/ 1:17 am mst/ 2:17 am cst/ 3:17 am est/9:17 pm saturday  evening in Europe] This is a Full Moon of manifesting the clean up crew for whatever needs cleaning up and shaping up! Its the details of your dreams crew too. May we take care of the paperwork that underlies our solar year of dreaming into form. 

February 25, 2021 – Cycle of Dreams and Details, Peaking on Saturday

MOON is in Leo today
, after a Cancer Moon week’s beginning. Pluto in Capricorn still gives us life/death rites of passage when the Moon moves through Cancer each month and Opposes Pluto. Now past that test, Moon in Leo celebrates the inner child, creativity joy and the solar light now increasing in us from the deep dark hermit time, toward the peak at Summer Solstice.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [1:56 am pst/ 2:56 am mst/ 3:56 am cst/ 4:56 am est/ 10:56 am in Europe] is a piece of communications work, in dream state pre-dawn. We may feel like we did a lot of work in our dreams. It may feel like the mental processes of the last six weeks, are finally unwinding and asking for their growth and wisdom solutions.

VENUS into Pisces [5:11 am pst/ 6:11 am mst/ 7:11 am cst/ 8:11 am est/ 2:11 pm in Europe] is a gentle feminine influence. Beauty and Tenderness call to us. It is the feminine early spring season. Seedlings and new creative ideas are fresh and innocent.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [8:40 am pst/ 9:40 am mst/ 10:40 am cst/ 11:40 am est/ 5:40 pm in Europe] activating our creative genius expansion, good luck and grace. We can be a vessel of creative magnetism. We can draw to ourselves the forces and intelligence we need to progress on our path in the direction we know and see we are going. Evolution happens a step at a time, and sometimes we are given wings to fly a few steps ahead.

SUN SEXTILE URANUS [1:13 pm pst/ 2:13 pm mst/ 3:13 pm cst/ 4:13 pm est/ 10:13 pm in Europe] opens a moment of magic, or sparkling invisible energy downloading to the physical. We are first energy beings, perhaps even galactic, like starlight, coming into form here, into this third dimension. As we have heard that ascension is our ability to traverse from the dense 3-D to the light-hearted and invisible vibrational 5D. This aspect is a surfboard between the D’s . We can experience the glory of being connected to the invisible magic of God, the creator, and how that can influence our 3-D. In other words its a MAGICAL DAY!! Choose a magic wand of focus and watch miracles arrive. 

There will be more work in Dreamtime tonight, as Moon Squares Mars in the middle of the night.

Rising toward Full Moon, we are in the bright action part of the lunar cycle. This time is social and external–a good time to come out and relate with our fellow human beings, especially as it appears lock downs are ending and restaurants and our world is opening back up!

FULL MOON is late Friday night, early Saturday am, in Virgo. This Virgo Full Moon, each year is a time of perfecting our way. Virgo can see what needs to be improved and is here to upgrade and make improvements to our energy and way of being, as we rise in solar light toward the peak. What can we perfect? What details need attending to? What are the details that will allow us to dream, vision and bring our soul-eyes to the earth.

February 21, 2021 – Nurturing in the Unknown

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:10 am pst/ 1:10 am mst/ 2:10 am cst/ 3:10 am est] may bring a foggy morning. Foggy outside or inside. What just happened? could be a common feeling.

As we shake off the circling mind of MERCURY RETROGRADE, for the last three weeks, we can rest and relax the mind from any confusion. We can let go any fog, or unclarity, and apply ourselves to clarifying, “where we go from here.” Looking forward as we rest in the motion of mercury Direct. 

MOON TRINE VENUS [10:39 am pst/ 11:39 am mst/ 12:39 pm cst/ 1:39 pm est/ 7:39 pm in Europe] sweetens the day, with feminine to feminine understanding. Mothers and daughters, sisters, and women all over can turn to each other for collaboration, and nourishment in these interesting times.  Men too, can find their inner feminine and meet with men or women and nourish what is good and whole-making in the world.

This aspect sends MOON into a VOID between Gemini and Cancer.

MOON enters Cancer at [7:53 pm pst/ 8:53 pm mst/ 9:53 pm cst/ 10:53 pm est/ 4:53 am Sun morn in Europe] and our inner mother is activated. Time to focus on food now and in the future.

How do your nourish this lunar cycle within? What is needed to flourish fully? . . . as the MOON rises in light all week toward becoming FULL on Saturday, February 27th.