February 28, 2021 – Earth Medicine

MOON TRINE PLUTO [4:42 am pst/ 5:42 am mst/ 6:42 am cst/ 7:42 am est/ 1:42 pm in Europe] early this morning, sets a powerful day in motion where we are touching into our authentic power. This power happens through our ears, eyes, intention and clarity. We are powerful beings, and if we have forgotten that, its a day to remember the power we have to make or change our world.

MOON TRINE MARS [7:58 am pst/ 8:58 am mst/ 9:58 am cst/ 10:58 am est/ 4:58 pm in Europe] gives us energy and motivational fire. This is more power to take our lives into our hands and hearts and move them into more fulfilling experiences of life.

MOON goes VOID in the early morning after the power trines.

Moon enters Libra [11:17 am pst 12:17 pm mst/ 1:17 pm cst/ 2:17 pm est/ 8:17 pm in Europe] on this last day of February, we head toward spring and relationships make the world go round. May we honor the friendly relationships we have in our lives of all kinds that make the world go round. May we honor our power to change the world before us, with our intention and our relationships. 

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