February 27, 2021 – FULL MOON in Virgo – Details and Miracles

SUN in Pisces OPPOSITE MOON in Virgo
 [12:17 am pst/ 1:17 am mst/ 2:17 am cst/ 3:17 am est/ 9:17 am in Europe] Invites us to see the fruition of our dreams before us and asks us to cultivate our personal garden of dreams. This cultivation, care, and ability to grow things, heal things, and perfect the path we are on, so that when we flower in the summer solstice peak, we flowered in the correct direction. This is the Full Moon of correction, its a course-correction Full Moon. What needs adjusting? May we celebrate the way we path our way toward our dreams, and may we take pen, phone, and mind in hand, and apply ourselves to improving our path.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [7:06 pm pst/ 8:06 pm mst/ 9:06 pm cst/ 10:06 pm est/ 4:06 am Sunday in Europe] is a big emphasis on Pisces energy, where the Sun now travels, and the pivot point of this FULL MOON in Virgo. Neptune is her opposite. In Neptune’s grace, we envision and it is born, no details, no pen, no mind, it is pure dream, heart, miracle. This is the opposite way from Virgo’s way, of taking care of every detail. At a Full Moon in Virgo, its good to honor the details of Virgo and the dreamy miracles of Neptune’s divine flow. Balancing these two is the work of this full moon.

With Neptune and Venus nearby, this Full Moon cycle is overseen by the Divine and human feminine. It is a cycle to look to feminine wisdom for solutions and upgrades.