February 26, 2021 – Full Moon in Virgo late tonight – Making it all Better!

This coming full moon in Virgo is the FULL MOON of IMPROVEMENT
! This cycle is about “making it all better.” As we head into the week ahead, we are surfing up to the peak of the Virgo/Pisces axis and dynamic. The biggest question Virgo asks us is can you bring order to the chaos? . . . with a command, don’t just talk about it, do it! Virgo is annoyed with the other members of her mutable cross, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, who thrive in chaos, and mind-changing, flexible clutter. Virgo wants you all to clean up your act! Upgrade, Create order, be consistent, learn how to be practical and plan for success by taking care of every detail without missing one.

How do you improve the situation at hand? Asks Virgo at this Full Moon. How do you fix it? What makes almost good enough, into perfection? This is a cycle of repairs and upgrades. As the cold separating energies melt off, “the dark winter,” we melt all the messy mistakes down into their shiny lessons. This is a time of accepting responsibility to “make the situation better,” for all involved before us.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:32 am pst/ 4:32 am mst/ 5:32 am cst/ 6:32 am est/ 7:32 am cst/ 8:32 am est/ 12:32 pm in Europe] activates action and attitude from the morning, in the rising lunar light, its a day to “get shit done!”

MOON enters Virgo [9:07 am pst/ 10:07 am mst/ 11:07 am cst/ 12:07 pm est/ 8:07 pm in Europe] Giving traction to our action, from the morning void Moon period.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [11:50 am pst/ 12:50 pm mst/ 1:50 pm cst/ 2:50 pm est/ 8:50 pm in Europe] is a full Venus. Full feminine! Full manifestation of our truest desires at play today. This full moon tonight is all about the details of our dreams. The railway tracks, by which the dream train will follow.

MOON TRINE URANUS [9:54 pm pst/ 10:54 pm mst/ 11:54 pm cst/ 12:54 am late nighte est/ 6:54 am Sat morn in Europe] brings earthy magic.

FULL MOON takes place late tonight late/ early Saturday morning [12:17 am pst/ 1:17 am mst/ 2:17 am cst/ 3:17 am est/9:17 pm saturday  evening in Europe] This is a Full Moon of manifesting the clean up crew for whatever needs cleaning up and shaping up! Its the details of your dreams crew too. May we take care of the paperwork that underlies our solar year of dreaming into form. 

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