February 21, 2021 – Nurturing in the Unknown

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:10 am pst/ 1:10 am mst/ 2:10 am cst/ 3:10 am est] may bring a foggy morning. Foggy outside or inside. What just happened? could be a common feeling.

As we shake off the circling mind of MERCURY RETROGRADE, for the last three weeks, we can rest and relax the mind from any confusion. We can let go any fog, or unclarity, and apply ourselves to clarifying, “where we go from here.” Looking forward as we rest in the motion of mercury Direct. 

MOON TRINE VENUS [10:39 am pst/ 11:39 am mst/ 12:39 pm cst/ 1:39 pm est/ 7:39 pm in Europe] sweetens the day, with feminine to feminine understanding. Mothers and daughters, sisters, and women all over can turn to each other for collaboration, and nourishment in these interesting times.  Men too, can find their inner feminine and meet with men or women and nourish what is good and whole-making in the world.

This aspect sends MOON into a VOID between Gemini and Cancer.

MOON enters Cancer at [7:53 pm pst/ 8:53 pm mst/ 9:53 pm cst/ 10:53 pm est/ 4:53 am Sun morn in Europe] and our inner mother is activated. Time to focus on food now and in the future.

How do your nourish this lunar cycle within? What is needed to flourish fully? . . . as the MOON rises in light all week toward becoming FULL on Saturday, February 27th.

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