February 20, 2021 – MERCURY STATIONARY DIRECT, Expanded Communications

MOON is in Gemini TRINE MERCURY today, as it is slowing to change directions. Communications can happen quickly to solve problems today.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [1:46 pm pst/ 2:46 pm mst/ 3:46 pm cst/ 4:46 pm est/ 10:46 pm in Europe] expands our compassion, and our desire to communicate with all our human others. May we enjoy the gifts of expansion.

MERCURY STATIONARY DIRECT [4:52 pm pst/ 5:52 pm mst/ 6:52 pm cst/ 7:52 pm est/ 1:52 am sun morn in Europe] now is a directional shift and an unwinding of the little dittys of circles we’ve been circling for the last 3-6 weeks. Now things can unwind and move forward.

May we honor the gentle changes of direction, that bring us in alignment with good forward motion for all of life again. 

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