February 19, 2021 – Talking, Writing, Decision Making Me

MOON is in Gemini today.  Gemini is happy to lighten things up after the heaviness of the last week with lots of tension and work aspects.

Gemini celebrates our ability to talk and walk, travel and relate. Relating with one another is the grounds of everything we do here. So today is one of those days to celebrate our free choice and our ability to talk, walk, sing and choose to interact with others.

SUN SQUARE MOON [10:47 am pst/ 11:47 am mst/ 12:47 pm cst/ 1:47 pm est/ 7:47 pm est] is the transition between waxing dark early part of the lunar cycle and the BRIGHT WAXING most brilliant expressive and interactive part of the lunar cycle. The square’s always bring us work and this one is highlighting the work of masculine and feminine. There is a working relationship between the elemental feminine and elemental masculine and when it is effective the work is done even if the feminine has another realm and the masculine’s work is not understood to her. As long as they respect each other, the work gets done in grace.

MARS SQUARE VENUS [3:04 pm pst/ 4:04 pm mst/ 5:04 pm cst/ 6:04 pm est/12:04 midnight in Europe] is a re-emphasis of the masculine feminine work theme. Men and women do not always “get along,” at their best during this square, however with respect for the differences and ways of each, great work gets done. May we all respect our unique differences from others and allow the divine nature of each one to find its natural divine order, while we find ours.

MOON TRINE SATURN [11:15 pm pst/ 12:15 am sat morn mst/ 1:15 am sat morn cst/ 2:15 am est/ 8:15 am saturday morning in Europe] late at night is an organizing, planning energy. As we head into the weekend, we can create order out of the chaos of the last week.

Author’s Note: I apologize I was disrupted last week due to extreme weather and the Texas natural disaster. At times, I am offline due to the need to be present with animals, or people or the process of the world. Last week was one of those weeks. I will be writing the daily blogs now this next week.

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