February 12, 2021 – Chinese New Year of the Ox

Today Friday – is the first day of the NEW lunar cycle of pre-spring. This New Moon fresh day of the Chinese New Year, brings us the mythic traits of the OX. 

The NEW MOON in Aquarius was yesterday (thursday) at [11:06 am pdt/ 12:06 pm mdt/ 1:06 pm cdt/ 2:06 pm edt/ 8:06 pm in Europe] this sent us to a Void moon day. Today is a more forward moving day of traction and pre-spring intent.

When I think of the Ox, I think of earthy, grounded, hard working and a force that moves a whole cart, or a whole business, or an important transportation of crop needs. An ox is an animal that renders thoughts of harvest work, and perhaps the service and patience of that important role.

MOON is in Pisces today, inviting us into our source connection for refueling and spiritual food.

[12:30 pm pst/ 1:30 pm mst/ 2:30 pm cst/ 3:30 pm est/ 9:30 pm in Europe] Pisces to Taurus, sparks our musical side, and our ability to move into syncronicity in the dance of life. This aspect allows us to invite small miracles into our heart and home.

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS is a late night visit from love with wings, love with words, and love on our lips and in our ears. [11:48 pm pst/ 12:48 am mst/ 1:48 am sat morn cst/ 2:48 am Sat morn est/ 8:48 am sat morn in Europe]
invites more sweetness into the MERCURY RETROGRADE journey we are currently circling. What have we loved? Love is a force that returns again and again. What past love are we returning to?

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