February 11, 2021 – Big Love and New Moon

MOON SQUARE MARS [1:56 am pst/ 2:56 am mst/ 3:56 am cst/ 4:56 am est/ 10:56 am in Europe] is a corner with potential frustration, or the desire to act as well as the resistance or limitation.

Sometimes at the end of the cycle, its good, to lead a space of reverence and quiet as we transition from one cycle to another, and as the MOON wanes to darkest point.

VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER [6:59 am pst/ 7:59 am mst/ 8:59 am cst/ 9:59 am est/ 4:59 pm in Europe] is a power aspect for love, abundance and expanded enjoyment. May we enjoy our day, this New Moon and bring in the light. We are love embodied. May we be that.

NEW MOON is in Aquarius.  [11:06 am pst/ 12:06 pm mst/ 1:06 pm cst/ 2:06 pm est/ 8:06 pm in Europe] This is a New Moon of another kind of water bearer. This is a cycle of restructuring to new forms. Aquarius is governed by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn, however its the rebirth of Saturn into higher states, and more refined forms.

Though Aquarius is the “water bearer,” mythically, it is an air sign. The “water bearer,” refers to the waters of mythic life and attention that we pour upon this earth while we are alive. What are we here to give, share, create?  What is the future we are calling forth?

MOON goes VOID after MOON SUN CONJUNCTION (NEW MOON) [11:06 am pst/12:06 pm mst/ 1:06 pm cst/ 2:06 pm est/ 8:06 pm in Europe] VOID until entering Pisces late night. [11:23 pm pst] this is a good day to envision our future with no holds barred. Dream unbounded. 

MERCURY is RETROGRADE currently in Aquarius, circling us back to every dream we ever had about our future. Which one’s are worth reviving? Mercury in King of Air now, will be retrograding through the other two air signs later this year. For a FREE MERCURY REPORT on 2021: send e-mail to azlanwhite@gmail.com with MERCURY in the subject.

CHINESE NEW YEAR is tomorrow! It will be the Year of the OX!  Politically, China may have some issues, but mythically, we love their astrology! See tomorrow’s blog here for a description and best use of this “Year of the Ox!”

READINGS! Readings for your year, your future, and the best way for you to harness the influences, sign up for a reading HERE: https://calendly.com/azlanwhite/60min

if you contacted me in the recent past about a reading and haven’t gotten it yet, sign up here, above by clicking the scheduling link. I will be in touch with you regarding details. Happy New Moon! Set intentions! 

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